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Vegan BLT Recipe

by Kevin
Vegan BLT
Vegan BLT

In my opinion, there aren’t really any good vegan or vegetarian bacons.  The closest thing I have found to acceptable (and you need to accept that it’s NOT bacon…it’s just a tasty substitute) is Smoked Tempeh strips. UPDATE: I’ve had some coconut bacon from a local restaurant and it was GREAT for a vegan BLT. I will research how to make it and post a link when I have it figured out.

Now- I try to follow a mostly Whole Food Plant Based diet, and that does not include oil, but for the BLT, i kind of think Mayo is a must. The brand I use is Veganaise. I LOVE it. of course, to add a similar flavor, you could mash up some avocado with a bit of vinegar. I won’t be mayo, but would be a close enough healthy alternative.

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