The Lady “V”

by Kevin
The Lady “V” cucumber cocktail

Very similar to the Cucmber martini.  My friend Joe and I went with our friends Amanda and Max to their good friends Gallery display in Philadelphia.  Before heading over, Joe grabbed a bottle of Cucmber Vodka from the liquor store, and we got on our way to pick up Max and Amanda.  When we arrived, Amanda was having a bit of liqeur Cote Jolie.  It’s very similar to St. Germain. but not quite as sweet and with a slightly different flavor.  She bottled some up to take to the gallery party and we were on our way!  When we arrive, Amanda decided to use our cucmber vodka in a drink, with a small splash of Cote Jolie and topped off with lemon lime soda water.  WOW!  What a great drink. I like it better than the cucmber martini.  Perfect for summer, light flavor, refreshing.  This one is simple, but a true winner!

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