Vitamin C, calcium, etc.

by Kevin

There are many misconceptions about diet in out society. Most people believe oranges are the best source for Vitamin C. You need to get protein from meat. You need to drink milk or you won’t get enough calcium. These are just 3 misconception out of many that are completely false. Let’s address these three and we will move on in later articles to others.

Oranges are the best natural source for vitamin C.
TRUTH: Don’t stop eating oranges because of this – They are still delicious and good for you, but don’t continue eating them thinking they are the best source of vitamin C. The fact of the matter is, a standard size orange has roughly 70mg of Vitamin C. If you’re looking for a GREAT source (oranges are a good source) turn to a yellow pepper! A yellow pepper has a whopping 340mg of vitamin C!

Misconception 2 –
You need to eat meat for Protein.
TRUTH: There are plenty of plant sources for protein! A 3oz T-bone steak has 21g of protein in it. (and 14g of fat!) COMPARE THAT to 1/2 cup of lentils at 25g! not too shabby for a vegan protein source! The key to a vegetarian or vegan diet is knowing what to eat. There are plenty of nutrient sources out there for people who don’t want to consume animal products. Do some research and learn to eat properly. I highly recommend Alicia Silverstone’s book “The Kind Diet.”

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