Low Carb Diet Guide

by Kevin

Foods to avoid:

Sugars, including brown sugar, molasses, honey, syrups, fructose, & fruit juices. Starches such as breads, pasta, potatoes, rice, basked goods, cereals (including oatmeal and grits), crackers, pretzels & chips, alcohol, beans, popcorn, regular and “light” yogurt and foods that are deep fried or breaded. Fruits such as bananas, grapes, cherries, pears and watermelon as well as all fruit juices, jams and canned/dried fruits.

Foods you can eat:

Lean Meats (fish, turkey, chicken) eggs, egg whites or egg beaters, cheese, green vegetables, salads with oil & vinegar or low carb dressing, nuts (but not candied or honey roasted), unsweetened peanut butter, broth, seasonings, tofu. Avoid fruits for the first two weeks. After that, fruits such as peaches, plumbs, nectarines, oranges, grapefruits & berries.

Helpful Hint – Turn your salads into a meal by adding tuna, hard boiled egg, cheese or grilled chicken.

For low carb breakfast, try egg beaters or egg whites with or without cheese & veggies, a low carb protein shake, low carb yogurt, cottage cheese with fresh fruit, turkey bacon or turkey sausage. Use PAM spray instead of oil.

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