Fire Eating

by Kevin
Fire Eating
Fire Eating

This is more a note to myself than anything….

When I first started eating fire (circa 1997) the best fuel I found was Coleman’s camping fuel.  It was great.  It let you manipulate the fumes, was easy to control and had a great flame.  After a few years (maybe around 2000) Coleman started making the fuel with a really noxious scent added to it.  I never found anything I liked as much as that.  But Sophie Evans gave me her recipe….here it is.

(Again neither Sophie or I support anyone eating fire!  It is dangerous & toxic.  This is a note to myself so I don’t lose the recipe)

“I use a half and half mix of kingsford and naptha… Low Oder low smoke and low after taste U can get naptha in the paint area at home depo… Kingsford almost anywhere.. Good luck..x”

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