Welcome to the all new ColorMeKevin.com!

by Kevin
Me - Kevin!

Well guys, it’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally working on the new ColorMeKevin.com. Creating a new site is a ton of work, but I’m hoping that the new site will be more function and user friendly than the old site. I’ll also be able to add new pages quite a bit easier. If you enjoy the site, consider signing up for a user name and password. If you log in, you’ll be able to contact me, comments on posts…I may even make it so that some frequent users can add content. Enjoy the new ColorMeKevin! Please be sure to follow me on FACEBOOK, TWITTER & PINTEREST. The links are all at the top of my site. Kevin

If you found me and would like to sign up for an account so you can contact me, and use the search feature on the site, You MUST GET IN TOUCH WITH ME to approve you account!  My site gets a lot of spam and I can’t tell who’s account is real, and who’s is fake.  You can try emailing me at MY NAME (WHICH IS IN THE TITLE OF THE SITE) @ colormekevin.com.  You can also send it to WEBINFO (instead of my name) at my domain. Thanks for your interest!

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