Soap Making Supplies

by Kevin

These are some good sources I’ve personally dealt with.

This place is fantastic. They do not have everything, but they have a great selection of high quality fragrance oils, nice soap molds, excelent pricing on oils, butters and waxes, and to top it all off they’re GREAT people. You’ll be happy you did.

UPDATE: I’m not SURE that they are still in bussiness. If they are use them, if not, scroll down.


This place is good if you’re looking for an online store that has a lot of inventory. They have quality products, a wide selection of rare oils & pretty good prices. They can be a bit slow to ship in busy seasons, but they have a good rebate system if you sign up for free as a member.

Very cool online store if you’re looking to move more in to the “bath and body” realm. The Chemistry Store offers a wide range of bath and body chemicals. Many of them will help you make more complicated items such as bath bombs, foaminf bath bombs, bubble bath and shampoo. They also carry soy candle supplies. Oh, Shipping is VERY fast and they have great customer service. If you are very concerned about which chemicals are safe, visit and read up on the chemicals you’re thinking about using.


Ok, yet another WONDERFUL place to deal with and they have AMAZING PRE-BUYS!!!! Fragrance Oils, Essential Oils, Lotion and bath products, molds, you name it, PLUS Customer service could not be better! All questions and concerns are personally answered in a timely manner. What more could you ask for? Give them all the business you can.

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