Where to buy Candle Making Supplies

by Kevin

Candle Science – My favorite source for soy candle making supplies.  They have a great wick guide which makes life SOOOO much easier. They also have very good pricing (and good shipping rates), and rate all of the scents based on performance in soy.

Great Candle Fragrance Oils
Just about every fragrance you could ever imagine, and from what i’ve seen, most do pretty well in soy wax.  I haven’t tested any in other vegetable waxes such as soy.

Glass Containers

Glass containers for candles 
I use the 7.5oz and 11oz tumblers..to me they seem to be the perfect two sizes.
I also spend the extra money for the frosted candles.  Since I usually only make white soy candles, I feel the frosted give a more elegant look.


Currently Testing Nature’s Garden scents.  We will put a link up when/if we like the samples we ordered in.  WE will be testing in Golden Brands 464 soy wax

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