Which soy wax to use for your candles.

by Kevin

The two main types of wax used in Candle Making are Paraffin & Soy (with Palm playing a fast game of cath up). On this site, I will only be talking about Soy Wax & Palm wax.

There are many brands of soy wax on the market. I’m only going to discuss the few I’ve personally experimented with and one that has been recommended by a very reliable source. (though I haven’t tried it yet)

Type 1: Enchanted Lights Soy Wax:

I was underwhelmed by this wax. The Good side of it is that is is 100% soy wax. There aren’t any additives so you are able to list it as 100% on your lable.
Downside: I did not have a goood throw with this wax, experienced a large amount of frosting, and pulling away from the walls, and the votive wax wasleaving large voids in my candles. My advice-try it if you’d like, but I’d avoid wasting time & money – just try for another wax.

Type 2: EcoSoya:

Wow! EcoSoya CB-135 is a pleasure to work with. There is very little frosting and the throw is very good. I’m told that the 100% Soy EcoSoya throws even better, but it frosts quite a bit, so only use it in opaque or frosted jars/tins.

The CB-135 left a beautifully smooth top, and was a very easy ONE POUR wax. If you’ve never made soy candles, give this wax a try!

EcoSoya also makes a Pillar blend which can be used for Pillars and Votives. I have not tried it yet, but am very excited to!

Type 3: Cargill NatureWax

I have not tried this, but a very reliable source of mine LOVES it. It does frost, and it’s adhesion isn’t 100%, but it has a very nice throw. If you’re using a frosted/opaque jar, you can give this one a try too. You’ll have to make up your own mind on this, but I have found the EcoSoya is still prefered.

Type 4: Ecosoya Pillar wax

REVIEW PENDING.  I will say that it perfoms beautifully when combined with 25% parafin pillar wax.

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