How to Make a Soap Mold

by Kevin

Making a soap mold is quite easy if you have some basic tools.  If you don’t, I’ve got good news! Your friendly helper at your neighborhood big box hardware store will be happy to cut the wood for you.  Then all you need is a hammer and nails, or a drill and screws.

My oringal soap molds were large flat trays as recommended in The Natural Soap Book: Making Herbal and Vegetable-Based Soaps, but I’ve changed over to log molds.  For me, log molds are easier and provide a more uniform finished product. (They can be put into my SOAP CUTTER so you can quickly and easily cut almost perfectly sized bars)

You can make these molds any size you would like.  My molds are made so that 2 molds fits one batch of soap. (2 logs)

So here is how we do it…

There isn’t really any need use great wood.  My favorite wood is now 3/4 plywood because it can be cut to exact specidications & doesn’t warp easily.  You can also use pine, or better yet, poplar.


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